No Afrimat Furnace Committee – Constitution



  1. Aim 

1.1 To unite the communities of Daleside, Highbury and Henley on Klip in the effort to withstand Afrimat in the construction of a kiln on the property known as Glen Douglas Mine. 

1.2 There are also considerations for further co-operation between the said communities; the primary item on the agenda however, is the matter of the fight against the construction of the furnace. 

  1. Structure 

2.1       All attendees at the founding meeting availed themselves to serve in some capacity.

The offices filled were those of:
Website & Communication management team
Mining Forum representatives – Technical (Glen Douglas forum)Ground members

 2.2       The committee consists of thirteen members. 

2.3       The management committee consists of the chairperson, vice-chairperson and treasurer. 

2.4       The secretary is responsible for all logistics support and administration of the committee. 

  1. Meetings: logistics and frequency 

3.1       There is no fixed venue for meetings to take place. Venues will be chosen on an ‘as-and-when’ basis. 

3.2       Emergency meetings can be called by either the chair person or in his/her absence by the vice chairperson. 

3.3       For ordinary meetings seven days’ notice by email will be sufficient. 

3.4       Emergency meetings can be called with a few hours’ notice if need be and notification may be by sms or email. 

3.5       An annual general meeting will be called, which all residents from the identified neighbourhood are welcome to attend. 

3.6       Notice for an annual general meeting will be 30 calendar days. 

  1. Quorum 

4.1       Seven members inclusive of either the chair person or vice chairperson will constitute a quorum. 

4.2       85% of committee will be required to be present where changes to the constitution are proposed / required. 

  1. Financial management 

5.1       The treasurer is responsible for the day-to-day management of all monies received as sponsorships or otherwise. 

5.2       The management committee is authorized to endorse expenses up to R5, 000 for  items directly related to the kiln issue, other items require committee  autherisation / consultation.

Expenses over this amount must be endorsed by a quorum. 

  1. Legal matters 

6.1 It is imperative that all matters concerning communication with or from Afrimat, be dealt with only through the Glen Douglas Mine Forum. The representatives from that forum will manage correspondence and cc members of this committee on matters relating to the kiln issue ; however, no one outside op the appointees mentioned will be allowed to communicate with Afrimat. 

6.2 Likewise, the members of the Glen Douglas Mine Forum who serve in this committee will be obliged to copy all correspondence with Afrimat to this committee on matters relating to the kiln issue.

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