*!*!*!* Peaceful Protest March – 31 May 2014 @ 14:00 *!*!*!*

Dear interested and affected party, 

The time has come again to stand together as a community against Afrimat’s proposed plans to build a furnace in our neighbourhood.
The environmental representative of Afrimat confirmed that there was a misprint of the closing date and the correct closing date for registering as a I&AP is 30 May 2014 at 17:00. 

The community representatives of the Mine Forum will hand over all the registration and petition forms on Friday 30 May 2014 to Glen Douglas mine. 

Council has granted us permission to have a PEASEFUL PROTEST MARCH as a symbolic hand over of a memorandum to the mine on Saturday, 31 May 2014 at 14:00. 

We know it is very short notice but all should please participate and inform everyone you know!

We are in a fight to save our neighbourhood, our homes, our future! 


The whole family should attend!!! 

Date:                     31 May 2014
Time:                    14:00
Place:                   Skansdam Primary School, Adelaar St, Daleside

Proceedings:     Everyone will gather at Skansdam Primary School in Daleside, from where we will walk peacefully up Adelaar Street along the mine fence to the Mine gate, approximately 450 m, from where we will disburse. 

Please Note: This is a PEACEFUL PROTEST MARCH! No violence or crowd aggravation will be allowed or tolerated.

There will be police presence for crowd control, and first aid. 

We thank you in advance!!!

 Kind regards,

No Afrimat Furnace Committee


There will be police presence for crowd control, and first aid.

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