*!*!* Letter to I&AP – Draft Scoping Report *!*!*

Dear I&AP,

A meeting was held on the 26th of Feb with the project engineer and project manager of Afrimat together with the consultant from the Kiln Project, Mr. Badenhorst. We also welcomed delegates from the council of the environmental divisions.

The meeting was chaired by Wynand Engelbrecht from Daleside Volunteers. Mr Engelbrecht opened the meeting with a statement that this workshop was not in any way seen as a public participation meeting but merely as an information workshop to give the representatives of the community clarity on certain matters regarding the scoping document.

Mr. Badenhorst was asked to give input and explain the process of his report going forward: He explained the following process:

–          An amended final scoping report will be issued in the coming days/weeks

–          The amended version has certain changes. One of which is the incorrect sound baseline test that was used.

–          Once the amended scoping report is released, the public will have another 30 days to comment on the document.

–          Once this process is over the document will be submitted to GDARD, who will either accept or reject the scoping report.

–          Should this be accepted the process will go on to EIA phase, here all comments that were made by the public will be investigated by professionals in their certain fields.


After this council was asked to comment. Council responded with numerous questions pertaining to waste and waste management, coal storage and pollution caused. This was a welcoming input, which we have been waiting for a very long time.


Further questions were posed by the No-AfrimatFurnaceCommittee, with regards to unclear and vague technical information given on the plant together with zoning issues of the potential plant within a residential area.

Further issues were raised on using the incorrect EMP (environmental management plan) of the mine in the scoping report together with the incorrect noise baseline test.


The fight goes on against this proposed Kiln and everyone will be kept in the loop of further developments.



Peter Funke