*!*!* Final Scoping Report – Glen Douglas Dolomite Burning Plant *!*!*

Dear Interested & Affected Party,


The final scoping report has been made available to the public.

A letter containing all the I&AP, the comments raised by the I&AP, and the responses given to your comments have been sent. This letter can be found here Letter to IAPs fSR GlenDouglas_all_for distribution.

A digital copy of the final scoping report has been made available on www.pbpscon.co.za.

Comments with regards to the report need to be submitted before the 16th February 2015.

As a community we need to continue fighting this project to the best of our abilities!

Please peruse the final scoping report and check the following:

  1. Whether the comments that you have submitted are included and whether you are satisfied with how they have been addressed.
  2. Your details as a I&AP. Is everything correct?  Do you know of anyone that should be added to the list?

If you as a I&AP are dissatisfied with the response to your comment, your comment has not been added, your details are incorrect, or missing, then please send your comments or correct details to Pieter Badenhorst and copy info@no-afrimatfurnace.co.za in as well before 16 February 2015.

We’ll keep you up to date with the progress going forward.

The fight is not over yet!


Kind regards,