*!*!* Letter to I&AP – Draft Scoping Report *!*!*

Dear I&AP,

A meeting was held on the 26th of Feb with the project engineer and project manager of Afrimat together with the consultant from the Kiln Project, Mr. Badenhorst. We also welcomed delegates from the council of the environmental divisions.

The meeting was chaired by Wynand Engelbrecht from Daleside Volunteers. Mr Engelbrecht opened the meeting with a statement that this workshop was not in any way seen as a public participation meeting but merely as an information workshop to give the representatives of the community clarity on certain matters regarding the scoping document.

Mr. Badenhorst was asked to give input and explain the process of his report going forward: He explained the following process:

–          An amended final scoping report will be issued in the coming days/weeks

–          The amended version has certain changes. One of which is the incorrect sound baseline test that was used.

–          Once the amended scoping report is released, the public will have another 30 days to comment on the document.

–          Once this process is over the document will be submitted to GDARD, who will either accept or reject the scoping report.

–          Should this be accepted the process will go on to EIA phase, here all comments that were made by the public will be investigated by professionals in their certain fields.


After this council was asked to comment. Council responded with numerous questions pertaining to waste and waste management, coal storage and pollution caused. This was a welcoming input, which we have been waiting for a very long time.


Further questions were posed by the No-AfrimatFurnaceCommittee, with regards to unclear and vague technical information given on the plant together with zoning issues of the potential plant within a residential area.

Further issues were raised on using the incorrect EMP (environmental management plan) of the mine in the scoping report together with the incorrect noise baseline test.


The fight goes on against this proposed Kiln and everyone will be kept in the loop of further developments.



Peter Funke



*!*!* Final Scoping Report – Glen Douglas Dolomite Burning Plant *!*!*

Dear Interested & Affected Party,


The final scoping report has been made available to the public.

A letter containing all the I&AP, the comments raised by the I&AP, and the responses given to your comments have been sent. This letter can be found here Letter to IAPs fSR GlenDouglas_all_for distribution.

A digital copy of the final scoping report has been made available on www.pbpscon.co.za.

Comments with regards to the report need to be submitted before the 16th February 2015.

As a community we need to continue fighting this project to the best of our abilities!

Please peruse the final scoping report and check the following:

  1. Whether the comments that you have submitted are included and whether you are satisfied with how they have been addressed.
  2. Your details as a I&AP. Is everything correct?  Do you know of anyone that should be added to the list?

If you as a I&AP are dissatisfied with the response to your comment, your comment has not been added, your details are incorrect, or missing, then please send your comments or correct details to Pieter Badenhorst and copy info@no-afrimatfurnace.co.za in as well before 16 February 2015.

We’ll keep you up to date with the progress going forward.

The fight is not over yet!


Kind regards,


*!*!* Proposed Acetylene Gas Production Facility in Daleside – Meeting 24 July 2014 *!*!*

Dear Interested and Affected Party,

An application was made to build an Acetylene Gas Production Facility in Daleside. This facility will have an enormous effect on all residents on Daleside, Henley-on-Klip, and all surrounding neighbourhoods.

The notification letter is available here, Draft EIR Notification Letter.

The draft Environmental Impact Report has been made available at the following locations:

  •        Henley-on-Klip Public library
  •        Randvaal Public Library
  •        Project website, http://www.erm.com/AirproductsEIA

A public meeting will be held where Air Products and the EIA team will present their findings of the draft EIR and to obtain comments from the public. The details of which are:

Date: 24 July 2014

Venue: Japie Greyling Primary School (corner Blou Sysie and Witkruisarend Roads, Daleside)

Details: Open House Event 14:00 – 17:00

Public Meeting         17:30 – 18:30

Let’s stand together and fight this proposed facility the same way we are fighting the proposed kiln at the Glen Douglas mine!!!!

Kind regards,


Availability of draft Scoping Report – Glen Douglas Dolomite Burning Plant

Dear Interested & Affected Party,

The draft scoping report has been made available to the public.

An executive summary of the report has been sent to all I&AP and comments can be made from 14 July 2014 until 5 September 2014. The executive summary can be found here Letter to IAPs -SR GlenDouglas_IAP.

The full report will be available at the Henley-on-Klip library and on the their website,, from 9th July 2014.

Please peruse the report and make a list of all the concerns that you may have and send it to Pieter Badenhorst and copy info@no-afrimatfurnace.co.za in as well.

The fight is not over yet!

Kind regards,


*!* Peaceful Protest March 31 May 2014 *!* – Update

Hi All,

Thank you for coming on Saturday and supporting the fight against the Afrimat furnace!

We were all amazed and stunned by the support from the community.

Please follow the link below and have a look at the video on youtube about the march.


Share this link to as many people as possible and like the video. We need it to go viral!


There are also photos posted on facebook. Please go and have a look.


Thank you again!

Kind regards,

No-Afrimat Furnace Committee

*!*!*!* Peaceful Protest March – 31 May 2014 @ 14:00 *!*!*!*

Dear interested and affected party, 

The time has come again to stand together as a community against Afrimat’s proposed plans to build a furnace in our neighbourhood.
The environmental representative of Afrimat confirmed that there was a misprint of the closing date and the correct closing date for registering as a I&AP is 30 May 2014 at 17:00. 

The community representatives of the Mine Forum will hand over all the registration and petition forms on Friday 30 May 2014 to Glen Douglas mine. 

Council has granted us permission to have a PEASEFUL PROTEST MARCH as a symbolic hand over of a memorandum to the mine on Saturday, 31 May 2014 at 14:00. 

We know it is very short notice but all should please participate and inform everyone you know!

We are in a fight to save our neighbourhood, our homes, our future! 


The whole family should attend!!! 

Date:                     31 May 2014
Time:                    14:00
Place:                   Skansdam Primary School, Adelaar St, Daleside

Proceedings:     Everyone will gather at Skansdam Primary School in Daleside, from where we will walk peacefully up Adelaar Street along the mine fence to the Mine gate, approximately 450 m, from where we will disburse. 

Please Note: This is a PEACEFUL PROTEST MARCH! No violence or crowd aggravation will be allowed or tolerated.

There will be police presence for crowd control, and first aid. 

We thank you in advance!!!

 Kind regards,

No Afrimat Furnace Committee


There will be police presence for crowd control, and first aid.

Meeting between No-Afrimat-Furnace-Committee and the mayor of Midvaal

Leon Kirchner and Wynand Engelbrecht (chair person of No Afrimat Furnace Committee) met with the mayor and councillors Hack, Parsonson and Jones late  afternoon on the 27th May 2014.

Mr Engelbrecht distributed what served as an agenda to all. 

His feedback of the meeting was as follows:

The purpose of the meeting was to bring to the attention of the councillors the extremely high degree of frustration all residence are experiencing: 

1.  The Glen Douglas mine operation with specific reference to the fact that it is not actually understood what  role the council plays in this entire debacle .

2.  Service delivery on a great number of levels. 

3.  The issue of the proposed Afrimat kiln. 

 Three pertinent questions relating to policy, were submitted together with a list of current service delivery issues/questions to which we need answers/action to be taken.

I expect we will get a written reply to those three questions from the mayor. 

The mayor undertook to attend to those service delivery complaints which can simply be circulated to the departments concerned and will manage the other issues as best he can.  ***

 We requested in our submission that: 

a) A workshop of one day duration be held where the mayor and the management committee as well as the heads of departments, work with representatives from Henley and Daleside, so that we can work through the mining operations peripheral issues and service delivery complaints in detail. 

b) That a special public meeting, dedicated to a debate concerning the proposed kiln, be called; the idea was that we want to hear how the individual councillors express themselves concerning this matter. I actually worded the request that it should be a motion submission which should serve in a special council meeting; however, the practicalities and merits of this was discussed and it was clear from protocol that it is not possible to have such an official council meeting. 

To (a) the mayor replied he is not available for the next two weeks but that he will make arrangements for such a workshop for a date after his return. 

I believe this is a very positive gesture and one rarely made in any local authority; we should therefore make the best of the day when the meeting is called. 

We need to strategise properly beforehand so that we make the very best use of the opportunity. 

This will include discussing service delivery specifics, matters of policy, the mining operations issues, etc. 

(b) proves to be more difficult than anticipated, simply because of the logistics of such a public meeting.

There is this concession that we can work with in the mean time, and which may alter perceptions: the individual councillors opposed to the kiln are free to open state such opposition. At the protest march on Saturday they will be recognized by name and in this way hopefully we will better understand which councillors ‘are on our side’.

It was once again made clear that Council as a collective entity cannot act until such time as an application is submitted, but herein lies another, more dangerous matter: if the powers that be classify the kiln as a mining operation, there will be no application to council; if however the kiln is classified as an industrial operation, there will be an application as the land use zoning comes into play. 

I believe in moving forward we need to publish the names of the supporting councillors as much as need be so that their support becomes a matter of public record, so that when the time comes for official council discussions on an application, we are at least assured of the continued support of those councillors. 

The stickler here still centers around the classification of the kiln (mining or industrial) and then secondly on the zoning issue. 

Part of our request (a) had direct bearing on Glen Douglas mine operations; here Cllr Parsonson felt we would be best served by taking our  issues up with the Glen Douglas mine forum; we feel strongly however, that the item must form part of the agenda for the one-day workshop as there are plenty issues which need to be dealt with by Council and which will not necessarily be solved by the forum (i.e.traffic law enforcement, roads network solutions, etc.) 

With two Councillors in the forum we then need to press harder in the forum for Council action concerning on-property matters such as hours of operation and so on).

 In conclusion: was it a fruitful meeting? 

Most certainly yes. We have most definitely been able to impress upon the councillors the immense sense of frustration and the perceived lack of communication from Council to the residents and how we reckoned it could be remedied.

 I hope I have given a concise report on the afternoon’s activity. 

The Mayor and the three Councillors are copied herein to ensure I have not quoted anything out of context. 

The issues in our two communities may not necessarily be unique in general, but the mine angle certainly makes for a great challenge. 

With strong, sober leadership, a positive approach and transparent action, we will be able to put the issues to bed in the medium term. 

Kind regards


Wynand Engelbrecht

 Chairman – NoAfrimatFurnaceCommittee

076 453 4589 

*** We on the Daleside side have over past months submitted service delivery issues directly to officials at the various departments; although it gave us 

a benefit in working directly with officials it has the disadvantage that the mayor cannot gauge the temperature (so to speak) when 

he monitors the complaints line input as our information does not appear there. 

 We undertook to send complaints / queries/ etc directly to the complaints line at:  complaints@midvaal.gov.za


No-Afrimat Furnace Committee: Minutes from meeting held 22 May 2014, 19h00, Highbury House

No-Afrimat Furnace Committee: Minutes from meeting held 22 May 2014, 19h00, Highbury House

Peter Funke PF Jonathan Cronen JC
Dorette Funke DF Mike Fourie MF
Leon Kirchner LK Dewald Maree DM
Maxwell Ganda MG Sean Ashwin SA
Wynand Engelbrecht WE Abbie Carson AC
Stan Wallace SW Marelise Kirchner MK


Alan Dougherty AD    
  Description Action  
  Welcome and Introduction    
  SA welcomed everyone to the meeting    
  Purpose of the meeting    

SA said the purpose of the meeting is to establish a committee representing the greater community (Daleside, Highbury and Henley-on-Klip) with regards to the no-Afrimat furnace campaign.


  Committee members    
  The following committee members and their roles were decided upon:

Committee Member Role
Wynand Engelbrecht Chair
Sean Ashwin Vice Chair
Abbie Carson Treasurer
Dorette Funke Secretary
Peter Funke Website & Communication
Stan Wallace Mining Forum Rep/Technical
Mike Fourie Mining Forum Rep/Technical
Jonathan Cronen Mining Forum Rep/Technical
Alan Dougherty Mining Forum Rep/Technical
Dewald Maree Ground Member
Leon Kirchner Ground Member
Marelise Kirchner Ground Member
Maxwell Ganda Ground Member


A constitution to be drafted and sent on the 26th May to the members.











  Discussion Topics:    
4.1 Mining Forum    
  Representatives of the mining forum; SW, JC, MF; to attend mine forum meetings and represent the community No-Afrimat Furnace Committee in all future dealings with the mine and furnace matters.



4.2 Radio advertising    
  • Vaal Radio: MF offered half of his personal advertising space in an afternoon to broadcast awareness about the Afrimat furnace. WE to assist
  • JC to confirm other radio broadcasting opportunities.



4.3 I&AP Registration handover and Protest    
  • Certified copies of registered I&AP to be handed over to Afrimat mine management on the 30th May 2014 by WE and SW.
  • Peaceful protest is planned for the 31st of May at 14h00 depending on approval by Council and magistrate. If the 31st is too soon it will be held on the 7th of June.

o    Protest to be held in front of the Mine from Skansdam School to Visvanger Street.





4.4 Other public exposure    
  • 4×4 Extreme show

o    Flyers to be handed out by volunteers.

  • Bass lake Dive Expo 7th June – Awareness campaign and registration as a I&AP
  • Art competition – Schools
  • Circus Club – Registration forms to be collected

AC & Volunteers

Volunteers & WE


  All information will be made public via the website.

Email and cell phone distribution lists to be updated from the registration forms.

Newsletter to be sent out.





  All registration and petition forms to be scanned, copied and certified by Wednesday 29th May. PF, DF  
  The chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting    
  Next meeting    


Henley-on-Klip meeting held 19th May 2014 at 19:00

 On very short notice more than 300 Henley-on-Klip residents came together to get more information with regards to the Afrimat furnace. The elderly residents of Henley-on-Klip to the youth from the Oprah Winfrey School attended.

The meeting was very well structured with Stan Wallace explaining the previous application made by Afrimat and their withdrawal to the current application that’s 6.6 times bigger. Pieter Colyn again addressed the community on the process going forward and what we as a community should do.

Numerous questions were raised and addressed by the most knowledgeable person. One of which was whether Oprah is aware of the Afrimat Furnace application and the representatives of the school confirmed that she is aware and the document previously sent to the mine will be communicated.

During the meeting an art competition amongst the schools was mentioned that is currently in development. Other events were also raised but will be addressed in due time.

Photos of the meeting are below:


Daleside meeting held 17th May 2014 at 14:00

The meeting held at the Japie Greyling school was a great success! Approximately 400 residents from every background attended, arriving with any means of transport, from foot to the back of bakkies.

Wynand Engelbrecht led the meeting and explaining to all what Afrimat is planning with regards to the furnace and emotions got stirred. Residents started to realise what the impact of the furnace will be on the community.

Pieter Colyn, a respected environmental lawyer, introduced himself and said that he will be assisting and representing the community against Afrimat building the furnace, pro bono. Pieter explained how the process should have happened to date and how the process will continue going forward.

Midvaal councillors were present in the meeting and assured their support. The council’s support comes to play once Afrimat submits their proposed development documents to the municipality.

Wynand also introduced the Daleside Volunteers community group who works together for the greater good of the community. Please like the facebook page to get more details, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dalesidevolunteers/773050836041223

Metting1_pic1 Metting1_pic2